We are experienced technology dispute litigators. We have helped clients resolve and manage both simple and highly complex technology disputes in court proceedings and in other circumstances.  We have assisted clients resolve, among other matters, multimillion dollar shareholder and partnership disputes, disputes involving breaches of directors duties and misappropriation of confidential information, disagreements around the scope of technology projects and the performance of delivered software, and in resolving a vast array of technology distribution, supply and licensing disputes.

Our technology lawyers have successfully acted for clients involved in disagreements about the ownership of intellectual property (including the ownership of copyright in software), confidential information disputes, company shareholder clients whose joint venture projects have fallen apart, and in seeking and obtaining orders from Local, District, Supreme and the Federal Courts. For example, we have experience bringing applications in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia for the bankrupting of individuals and for the appointment of liquidators to private companies.  Our court experience also extends to representing clients involved in applications for urgent injunctions, helping clients freeze the assets of their opponents, examining company directors under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), handling applications for anton piller orders (orders that allow the searching of premises) and in other court matters. 

Outside the courtroom we also handle mediations, arbitrations and resolve disputes through strategic negotiation.


some technology disputes that we have HELPED OUR CLIENTS RESOLVE

Some examples of the large number of technology disputes that we have been involved in include:

  • Acting in a commercial technology-focused dispute which focused on rights to a cloud based software product in which we represented a Canadian corporation bring claims in the Supreme Court of New South Wales for misappropriation of confidential information, breaches of directors duties and breach of contract against 6 Australian companies and one of their directors;

  • Representing the wholly owned subsidiary of a Thailand-based public company in a multi million dollar dispute in the Supreme Court of New South Wales regarding its Australian distribution arrangements;

  • Acting for a substantial Australian corporation with approximately 500 staff in an urgent dispute with its managed services provider over access to the corporation's business critical systems;

  • Representing one of Australia's biggest media companies in a software dispute;

  • Acting for a startup software company in a dispute regarding ownership of IT in a cloud based software product;

  • Representing an Australian individual bankrupt his opponent in a dispute relating to work carried out in the development of a technology solution;

  • Acting in many matters for and against software developers in claims regarding the failed delivery of software;

  • Representing a Western Australian telecommunications carrier in a dispute regarding the transition of managed services to a third party;

  • Representing a shopping centre in a dispute with Telstra over a mobile phone tower;

  • Acting for a web developer in a dispute regarding copyright in internet content;

  • Representing a technology company in a commercial dispute with one of Australia's big 4 banks;

  • Acting for a cloud-based software vendor in a dispute with the software vendor's previous solicitors.